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Scar Therapy

Why try scar therapy?

“When I was 8 years old I had bladder surgery to correct an abnormality that was causing frequent urinary tract infections and occasionally even kidney infections. The surgery was very painful and recovery took a very long time.”

Hair Restoration

Hair restoration for women

“I did 6 sessions of PRP treatments with Dr. Storm for my hair regeneration. I had hair extensions for years and the extensions really took a toll on my hair. I was getting resigned to a thinning head of hair and short hair for life.”

Facial Rejuvenation

Facial for Glowing Skin

“My first face treatment with Dr. Storm was awesome. I went in before getting on a plane, and it worked so well that my mother — who had no idea that I'd gone in for a facial — told me that night that I was ‘absolutely glowing’. A week later, I still look like I've just spent two weeks on a beach vacation. My skin is glowing and feels deeply moisturized.”

PRP treats break-outs

“I had been seeing Dr. Storm for help with persistent acne for about 3 months. We'd run a food sensitivity test to see if there were foods that were causing the breakouts and balanced my hormones, but I was still having breakouts over my lower cheeks and jaw.”

Brighter skin with PRP facial treatments

“I was recommended to see Dr. Storm by my previous Naturopathic Doctor in Portland, who recommended PRP facial treatments as a safe and natural alternative to reduce the fine lines and dull skin that seemed to set in over night when I turned 40.”

PRP Cream

“I reached out to Dr. Storm for an interest in a natural route to skin care treatment. I have been having acne breakouts on my face for years. I have tried multiple different medications, consulted multiple dermatologists, and tried many different topical treatments; none of which had the lasting results I was hoping for.”

Pain Care

Consistently pain-free with Prolotherapy

“An accident when I was a teenager left me with a broken collarbone that didn't heal right and eventually had to be surgically repaired. Even though the surgery went well, my shoulder and scar area have continued to be very painful for over a decade.”

Prolotherapy for Foot Pain

“I started developing osteoarthritis in my big toe when I was 15. Over time it caused a cascade of very painful issues throughout my foot as everything tried to adjust around the missing support.”


“For five years I lived with substantial ankle pain that deeply impacted my ability to run — and even walk — comfortably. I had gone to doctors but had not found any relief. Dr. Storm was able to identify and solve the pain in our very first session.”

Reduced pain and a new lease on life

“I consulted Dr. Storm because my knee was inflamed, painful and keeping me from enjoying my usual activities. Dr. Storm used prolotherapy two times in combination with having me identify and eliminate from my diet foods to which I was sensitive.”

Excellent orthopedic results

”Dr. Storm has treated several of my creaky joints from long-ago injuries, all with impressive results. Both of my thumbs had become progressively more painful and crunchy– lots of noise in the joints with use–since dislocating them in a car crash 35 years ago.“

Getting back in the swing

“I was not able to participate in regular life activities. Regular exercise was difficult to be consistent without major setbacks due to weak back and leg. The inability to “play” with friends and my husband left me feeling isolated and low.”