Hello! I’m Dr. Sierra Storm.

I’m a Naturopathic Physician with specialties in Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine. My life’s work is to help you live in a body that feels limitless — free of aches and pains, delightfully mobile, balanced and comfortable, beautiful, vital and strong.

After a major biking injury left my left arm largely useless — broken in 3 places, my shoulder blade separated from my collarbone — I set out to discover safe, natural and effective non-surgical solutions for complete recovery. This search led me to a type of healing injections called “Regenerative Injection Therapies” — including PRPProlotherapyScar Therapy, and Trigger Point Injection Therapy. Within 8 weeks of treatment, I was out of a sling, on the beaches of southern France, able to carry my own luggage. I knew I needed to bring these therapies to my patients.

Using these safe and non-invasive tools, I’ve helped over 1100 patients prevent or recover from surgery — even if PT, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage or previous surgeries have provided minimal relief. I consider it my mission to get you back on your a-game — in a body you LOVE to move in, doing the activities that bring you the utmost joy, and supporting the version of your life that feels limitless. Whether you have suffered an injury while out being active, are noticing signs of arthritis, have recovered poorly from a surgery, or have chronic muscle tension from sitting at your computer all day, these therapies will help you regain mobility and range of motion while eliminating your pain.

Along the way, I discovered that Regenerative Injection Therapies shine in the cosmetic realm as well, restoring youthful tone and texture to aging skin, and thickness to thinning hair — without toxic creams, injections, or medications — so that you can radiate health, beauty, and confidence naturally.

As a physician — and as an individual committed to her own wellness — I consider it my life’s work to continue to study and implement the most effective holistic treatments to support optimal wellbeing and speed healing and recovery. We start with the foundational metrics that allow your body to heal and repair, including:

  • Nutrient dense diet
  • Daily movement
  • Adequate hydration
  • Optimal sleep
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Stress management

When necessary, I’ll recommend additional support to help us supercharge your recovery: functional hormone, gut, and blood testing, vitamin injections, peptide therapy, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Are you feeling like your body is struggling to heal and recover, like the things that used to work are no longer working, or like you’ve never been the same since a significant injury or health event? I’d love to partner with you as your health detective. Together we will ask your body the right questions, so that it can show us where it needs support.
Once we discover your unique healing needs, we’ll get to work creating a healing protocol that gets to back on your feet and back to the life and activities that bring you joy.