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Relieve your joint pain with PRP in Lower Queen Anne, Seattle

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Pain Care Treatment will repair and strengthen your joints.

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Seattle PRP Therapy — A Powerful Treatment to Regenerate And Heal Joints

Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) therapy is a step-up from Prolotherapy to heal injured, aging, or degenerated joints.

PRP therapy uses your body’s own healing cells and growth factors to stimulate a powerful healing response in soft tissue and joints. This repairs ligament and tendon tears and regenerates cartilage in arthritic joints, without surgery or downtime.

This is our MOST powerful non-surgical treatment to eliminate your pain and get you back to the activities you love. Why? Because it uses your body’s own healing cells! Your very own Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is injected into areas of pain to stimulate a powerful healing response.

PRP injection therapy is a great choice if you are suffering from sports injuries, joint pain, or arthritis.

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Pain conditions treated include:

  • Arthritis in fingers, hands, wrists, knees, hips, ankles, & toes
  • ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL tears of the knee
  • Meniscus tears
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Bicep Tears
  • Epicondylitis —  “golfer’s/tennis elbow”
  • Labral tears of the shoulder
  • Labral tears of the hip
  • Tendonitis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Partial achilles tendon tears
  • Tears of the plantar fascia
  • Post-surgical pain syndromes
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Your road to strong, healthy joints starts here. 

  • PRP leads to long-lasting joint strength and increased function
  • PRP stimulates the body’s own healing blood cells to replace and repair damaged and degenerated tissue for permanent relief
  • PRP treatments yield an 80-85% success rate—an outcome which beats drugs and surgery combined
  • We typically recommend only 2-4 treatments for full recovery

About the appointment: during your PRP treatment, Dr. Storm will draw your blood and spin it in a special centrifuge to isolate your platelets. This personalized solution will be injected into damaged ligaments, tendons, and joint spaces to restore full function and reduce pain.


What is Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy?

  • Dr. Storm injects a solution of your very own healing cells — called platelets — plus a numbing agent called lidocaine into areas of injured or damaged joint tissue to catalyze powerful healing and repair.

How does PRP Therapy help?

  • PRP Therapy infuses areas of injury, damage, and degeneration with healing cells — called platelets — which release growth factors at the site of injection. This signals your body to lay down new, strong, healthy tissue, effectively regenerating and repairing your joint from the inside out.

Why PRP Therapy?

  • PRP Therapy is our strongest therapy for repairing injured, damaged joint tissue. It is more powerful than prolotherapy and a better choice than surgery for many injuries. This is because it harnesses your body’s innate healing mechanisms to repair tissue without the additional trauma and downtime surgery requires.

Is PRP Therapy for me?

  • If you have ever experienced joint pain, injury, or degeneration, PRP Therapy is an effective treatment for lasting relief and repair.

Can PRP Therapy treat old injuries?

  • Yes! PRP Therapy successfully treats even long-term and chronic injuries, degeneration, and pain.

When do I come in for PRP Therapy?

  • As soon as 3 weeks after injury or onset of pain — or as soon as you’re ready for relief!

PRP is our strongest and most powerful treatment for complete joint reapir and healing.

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“An accident when I was a teenager left me with a broken collarbone that didn’t heal right and eventually had to be surgically repaired. Even though the surgery went well, my shoulder and scar area have continued to be very painful for over a decade. I’m constantly rolling my shoulders and rubbing the area trying to find relief. In a single session, Dr. Storm used trigger point therapy to release my shoulder muscle and prolotherapy to release my scar. The whole area immediately felt SO much better and has stayed feeling pain-free for over a week.”