Hair restoration for women

“I did 6 sessions of PRP treatments with Dr. Storm for my hair regeneration. I had hair extensions for years and the extensions really took a toll on my hair. I was getting resigned to a thinning head of hair and short hair for life. Thanks to Dr. Storm, my hair made a complete comeback! The growth has been incredible and the hair is healthy again. Now I go in once or twice annually for a “boost”, but I am in awe of the transformation. My hairdresser can’t believe it and has referred many clients to Dr. Storm. I am gifting my husband some sessions for xmas for his bald spot. We can’t wait to see how he likes his results! Thank you Dr. Storm.”

— A.H.
Seattle, WA

Facial for Glowing Skin

“My first face treatment with Dr. Storm was awesome. I went in before getting on a plane, and it worked so well that my mother — who had no idea that I’d gone in for a facial — told me that night that I was ‘absolutely glowing’. A week later, I still look like I’ve just spent two weeks on a beach vacation. My skin is glowing and feels deeply moisturized.”

— T.C.
Los Angeles, CA

Why try scar therapy?

“When I was 8 years old I had bladder surgery to correct an abnormality that was causing frequent urinary tract infections and occasionally even kidney infections. The surgery was very painful and recovery took a very long time. My mom tells me I used to cry myself to sleep while I was healing. Flash forward into my adult years and I was still having urinary tract infections, about 2 times a month, often after having sex, even using excellent hygiene practices. I was taking antibiotics for each infection, who gave me horrible stomach pains and digestive issues. I started to see a functional medicine practitioner to help with my digestion, and when he found out about my surgery and the scar over my bladder, he recommended I see Dr. Storm. I was extremely nervous about needles, but in just 2 treatments I was no longer having UTIs! It’s 4 months since my last treatment, and this is the first time in my life that I can remember not having pelvic pain or pain after sex. Also, no more antibiotics! This was such a game changer and I cannot recommend scar therapy enough!”

— SK
Denver, CO

Scar Therapy for Shoulder and Knee Pain

When I went to see Dr. Storm, there was two things that were wrong with my body. I had torn ligament surgery when I was 16 years old, and was never the same after. The biggest thing was a lack of movement in right shoulder, low flexibility. I also had hernia surgery in September and immediately following started having major pain in my left knee. Dr. Storm mentioned that these pains could be from my scars!

The only trepidation I had before my appointment was wondering if it could be for real! My pain and discomfort was so bad I was willing to try anything. I was taking (9) Advil a day to get relief. I’d already tried Advil, Acupuncture, and massage therapy.

I was barely able to walk across the street or even walk my knee hurt so bad, and I’m on my feet all day long in my profession. I can go about 12,000-18,000 steps on my fitbit and feel good at the end of the day. I mean relatively I am 55 years young!

Also, trying to toss a ball with my right shoulder was always painful. (Not any more!)

The results (of the scar therapy) were immediate and I felt great. In fact the most amazing thing was that I haven’t been able to touch the center of my back with my right arm since my surgery 39 years ago. I was immediately able to touch my hand to my back!

I went back in for a second treatment to the knee, which resolved the pain and haven’t had anything else done for the scar on my shoulder.


— M.B.
Seattle, WA