Project Description

“I reached out to Dr. Storm for an interest in a natural route to skin care treatment. I have been having acne breakouts on my face for years. I have tried multiple different medications, consulted multiple dermatologists, and tried many different topical treatments; none of which had the lasting results I was hoping for. I began to research alternative methods determined to find a solution. I consulted Dr. Storm about interest in the PRP facial, which is when she recommended treatment with PRP cream for acne. I have been using the PRP cream for over a month and have already noticed significant changes. The acne on my face has greatly reduced and my confidence has returned. I feel so grateful to have found a solution that does not have harmful effects on the rest of my body, and a solution that works! Dr. Storm has been compassionate and caring with me as a patient and is extremely helpful and knowledgeable in the field. I highly recommend Dr. Storm and the use of PRP cream.”