Project Description

“Dr. Storm has treated several of my creaky joints from long-ago injuries, all with impressive results. Both of my thumbs had become progressively more painful and crunchy– lots of noise in the joints with use–since dislocating them in a car crash 35 years ago. I was worried that I only had a few years of guitar-playing left, as they would hurt a lot after playing for even 15 minutes. I’ve now had four PRP treatments on each thumb, and they’re about 75% better overall, with much improved strength and range of motion without pain. I feel like there’s more improvement coming, and I no longer worry about guitar playing at all, and can play for hours at a time. She has also treated my left shoulder, which I separated 20 years ago. It never healed well, and I had to favor it to keep from re-injuring it. Massage and chiropractic treatment would help for days or weeks at a time, but Dr. Storm’s treatments have strengthened it and reduced the pain significantly. I now can go months with no pain or weakness. Sometimes when I overdo it, it needs another treatment, but then does really well. Dr.Storm has also treated my neck, which had been giving me trouble for about 6 years, mostly due to my work posture. Regular craniosacral treatments helped some, but Dr. Storm’s treatment fixed the problem. I would recommend Dr. Storm for any orthopedic problem, as my results have been stellar!”

— R.N.
Boulder, CO