Seattle PRP facial and pain injection services

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At Rise RegenMed, we believe in preventative medicine. But even with the most dedicated, consistent health habits, our bodies become stressed by pollutants, toxins, injuries, and time. Regenerative Medicine goes a step BEYOND preventative medicine. It uses the body’s own healing mechanisms to restore optimal vitality, strength, and beauty…no matter what life throws your way.
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Seattle PRP facial and pain injection services

Meet Dr. Storm

Dr. Sierra Storm

Dr. Sierra Storm is a Naturopathic Physician and Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging Specialist.

Dr. Sierra Storm is a Naturopathic Physician and Sports Medicine and Anti-Aging Specialist.

After a major biking injury cause substantial damage to her left arm and shoulder, she set out to discover safe, natural and effective non-surgical solutions for complete recovery. This search led her to regenerative injection therapies including PRP, Prolotherapy, Scar Therapy, and Trigger Point Injection Therapy.

Using these safe and non-invasive tools, Dr. Storm guides her patients to full recovery and the elimination of pain — even if PT, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage or even previous surgery have provided minimal relief.

Dr. Storm provides a range of anti-aging and regenerative medicine treatments designed to keep you on your a-game. Whether you have suffered an injury while out being active, are noticing signs of arthritis, recovered poorly from a surgery, or have chronic muscle tension from sitting at your computer all day, these therapies will help you regain mobility and range of motion while eliminating your pain.

Additionally, Dr. Storm uses the principles of anti-aging medicine and regenerative injections to help you restore youthful tone and texture to aging skin, and thickness to thinning hair — without toxic creams, injections, or medications — so that you can radiate health and confidence, naturally.

It’s time to rise up and thrive.

Patient Stories

Prolotherapy for Foot Pain

“I started developing osteoarthritis in my big toe when I was 15. Over time it caused a cascade of very painful issues throughout my foot as everything tried to adjust around the missing support.”

PRP treats break-outs

“I had been seeing Dr. Storm for help with persistent acne for about 3 months. We'd run a food sensitivity test to see if there were foods that were causing the breakouts and balanced my hormones, but I was still having breakouts over my lower cheeks and jaw.”

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